A downloadable game for Windows

Welcome to Neon Skies!

Neon Skies is a top down space shooter with multiple game modes and 1000's of different ships to play as!

About the project!

Neon Skies currently has only 60 ships but I do have the sprite sheet with over 4000 ships ready to go. This game is being worked on daily and updates are constantly being released! In terms of game modes the game has an endless mode but the rouge-like mode (Wormhole Mode) is being developed atm. This game is a HUGE work in progress and please report any bug or any issue you want addressed.

Contacting me!

If you would like to help out with this project in any way you want you can contact me on Skype at "realbyte_games" some of the help I would need would be with a sound track and someone to help come up with ideas for the game itself!


- 1000's of ships to play as! (WIP)

- Asteroid-like game controls

- Multiple game modes (WIP)

- Rouge-like mode (WIP)

- Unique enemies

- Endless survival

- Wave survival (WIP)

- Special lighting system

- Big backstory with a lot of lore! (WIP)

+ MUCH MORE to come!!!

Supporting the project!

If you would like to support this project I am planning on adding ways to spend money on the project for sweet rewards. ATM the only 2 ways to support this project are to spend a few extra cents on buying it and I will be EXTREMELY grateful or you can spend a little bit of money and buy the source code of the ENTIRE GAME + FUTURE UPDATES!!!

I am planning on adding reward tiers like:

$1.00 = Next 10 ships named in your honor and your name in the credits!

$1.00 = Next 5 enemies you help design and your name goes in the credits!

$1.00 = Help design and name a boss after you and name in the credits!

$1.00 = Help design 2 rooms in wormhole mode and get your name in the credits!


Thank you fore taking the time to look at this project and when playing the game and you get any problems do not rate it bad right away but instead CONTACT ME! I will make your problem my #1 concern and will do everything to fix the game in a timely manner so you may have a better play experience!

Neon Skies is my first published game ever and I really hope you guys enjoy it!

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Install instructions

After Getting the Zip file you need to do the following

- Open it up and extract

- Run the Neon Skies application

- Start a new game twice (First time creates save file and second time starts game)


- Enjoy!


Neon Skies Game 2 MB